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Our Story

Our Baby Boy Archie

Whilst on holiday in Scotland 31 weeks pregnant with our first child I suffered placental abruption. Our son Archie was delivered by emergency crash C-Section.  

Archie was resuscitated at birth due to swallowing blood clots, following the resuscitation he had made it and he was perfect. Archie was born weighing 3lb 11oz, he continued to make progress and grew well. After a couple of weeks Archie was transferred from Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy to Peterborough City Hospital so we could return home, Archie was transferred by helicopter and unfortunately there wasn’t any room for us to travel with our baby boy so we had to travel by car without our baby.   

Whilst at Peterborough plans were made for Archie to have a small diaphragmatic hernia repaired, unfortunately Peterborough City Hospital do not have the facilities for Neonatal Surgery so Archie would have to go to Leicester Royal Infirmary for surgery.   

After almost two weeks Archie was transferred to Leicester Royal Infirmary, whilst at Leicester Royal Infirmary Archie continued to grow well and progress. After a couple of weeks the surgical team deemed Archie to be at a suitable weight to undergo surgery, we were so excited that we would soon be getting our baby boy home.   

On 13th September 2013 at six weeks old our baby boy Archie had his surgery, the surgical team told us the surgery went better than expected and everything was going the right way. We were told that our little boy would be on a ventilator for 24-48 hours post-surgery whilst still recovering from the morphine sedation used in surgery. Unfortunately, a member of the post-surgical care team made the decision to remove our baby boy from ventilation after just 9 hours, this was done without any consultation with us. Following this decision to remove the ventilator early the team quickly realised our beautiful baby boy was not ready to be off the ventilator and tried to re-intubate, unfortunately the team were unable to re-intubate Archie and we lost our precious little baby boy and from that day forward our family will remain incomplete…………….